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I am Leo Selinger, a designer who specialized over 7 years ago in user experience and user interface design. I have successfully completed projects including mobile app design, website creation (e-commerce, e-learning, showcase site, with a focus on SEO), high-fidelity prototyping and branding, for companies of various sizes. Always striving to improve, I have continually enhanced my skills over the years through ongoing training on the latest softwares and trends.

Passionate about design from a young age, I quickly developed a deep interest in mobile apps. Over a decade ago, I began creating my own designs, starting with iPhone themes downloaded tens of thousands of times. This journey led me to focus on app icons and logos, and ultimately specialize in UX and UI design.
My expertise in UX and UI allows me to collaborate with you from the very beginning of your mobile app, website, or software project. Together, we can define how to deliver the best possible experience to your future users through UX research, wireframes, and high-fidelity prototyping. Additionally, I would be glad to work on the development of a WordPress website, your branding project, or the design of logos/icons.

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